The Difference Between a Full Home Inspection and a 4-Point Home Inspection

A full home inspection is often ordered by a home buyer so that he or she can get a better idea about the home’s true condition. This inspection covers everything that is visible and accessible, from the foundation to the roof. It usually includes a review of the appliances, doors, windows, insulation, and other components. A 4-point home inspection focuses on four main areas and is often required by homeowners insurance companies. insurance companies don’t need to know every detail in the home, instead, they are concerned with these four primary factors:

1. The Roof

The roof’s condition and age play a major role in the home’s insurability and the rate offered. This is because the roof protects the structure and interior of the home from the elements. An older roof is more likely to fail when bad weather strikes, and a roof is expensive to replace. If a roof fails during a storm, significant damage to the interior of the home may also occur.

2. The Plumbing System

An insurance company also needs to know the condition of the plumbing system and what the pipes are made out of. For example, some insurance companies will not provide insurance for a home with polybutylene pipes. Those that do may charge a higher rate. An inspection of the plumbing system may also identify water leaks.

3. The Electrical System

Faulty or damaged electrical wiring and other electrical components are a leading cause of destructive house fires. These components may be damaged by pests, age, and other factors. A 4-point home inspection includes a review of wiring, the electrical panel, and other features to identify areas of concern for the insurance company.

4. The HVAC System

Insurance companies want to know if a home has central heating and air. The lack of an HVAC system may be a reason to deny coverage in some cases. Also, older or damaged equipment may impact insurance rates and insurability. Some issues may be serious enough that they render a property ineligible for coverage until the matter has been properly addressed.

4-Point Home Inspections are Required for Older Homes in Florida

A 4-point home inspection gives an insurance company essential information that specifically pertains to their coverage requirements. If you are buying an older home in Florida, expect to order this inspection.

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