Garages often become cluttered with things we don’t need in our homes. Items that don’t have a dedicated storage space undoubtedly end up there. Check out these smart and affordable garage storage solutions.

Why Smart Garage Storage Makes a Difference

Garages have limited space, so planning for storage takes some creativity. Here are five ways to achieve your organization goals:

Adjustable Wall Racks

Wall racks are a simple and affordable storage solution. Often including an assortment of hooks and clips, these racks neatly mount to garage walls. They give you a place to store garden tools, sporting goods, and other accessories.

Overhead Racks, Shelves, and Bike Hooks

From off-season gear to items used infrequently, like holiday decorations, many things can be stored overhead in your garage to free up the floor space. Use an industrial-strength rack that is attached to the joists. Large items like kayaks and extendable ladders can be stored on overhead racks. You can also screw large hooks into the joists to hang bicycles.

Pegboards for Garage Storage

Pegboards are a smart storage solution for certain areas of your garage. Install a pegboard on the wall by your workbench to hang tools. Compartments can be hung on a pegboard to hold smaller items like nails and screws.

Modular Storage Systems and Storage Sets

If you have a spacious garage, these storage solutions help to keep things organized. Modular systems are multi-use with bins, hooks, shelves, drawers, and other storage accessories. Storage sets include tall and short cabinets, drawers, and other components that can be used to set up a full workstation in your garage.

Bins and Bin Racks

Bins are another simple and affordable way to organize your things. They can be used for holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, coats and shoes, or anything else you want to neatly store. Stack the bins on a rack that gives you easy access to these items. Use clear bins and label them so you can easily identify the contents.

When organizing your garage, there are two approaches. You could set aside a day or weekend to completely clear out your garage, get rid of clutter, and add your preferred storage products. Or you may opt to go the slow and steady route and organize your garage gradually. Either way, you’ll appreciate having a more organized garage with these storage solutions.

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