As we move into the New Year, make a few resolutions for your home. Unlike personal resolutions, these goals are easier to achieve because you can get your family involved to motivate each other when tackling upgrades. Let’s look at 5 worthy home improvement goals for the next year.

Create Long-Term Goals for Home Improvement

In January, sit down with the members of your family and make a list of things that need to be accomplished around the house. This is a great time to discuss materials and create a shopping list for tools and supplies. As a family, prioritize your list of maintenance goals. There may be some projects that are better for certain family members to handle. Some upgrades are best tackled in warmer weather. Pull out your calendars and make a plan for this year’s home improvement goals.

Declutter the Home

Decluttering involves removing items you no longer want, use, or need in your home. When you spend time removing clutter, your living spaces become tidier and your house feels more relaxing and welcoming. Decluttering an entire home can seem like an overwhelming project. But, if you make a plan to tackle small areas one at a time, the task is more manageable.

As you work through each space, remove items that do not belong there. Use cardboard boxes to gather belongings that will be donated to charity. Keep a trash can nearby so you can immediately throw away the garbage. After sorting your belongings, you’ll be left with a pile of things you intend to keep. Organize these items and put them neatly back into place.

Improve Outdoor Living Spaces

Spending more time outdoors promotes health and wellness. Creating comfortable outdoor living spaces will encourage your family members to turn off the television, put down their mobile devices, and go outside.

This is another great project to involve your family members. Brainstorm ways to make the patio more inviting. Choose new furniture, throw pillows, and a cozy rug to make the front porch welcoming. Discuss ways to improve the backyard deck so you’ll all be tempted to spend more time there.

Home Improvement Goals: Regular Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of the most important home maintenance tasks. The gutters help protect your home by moving rainwater off the roof and away from the property. It’s recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. However, if your home is surrounded by trees, you’ll find yourself cleaning the gutters more frequently. Decide how often you should clean the gutters and add this task to your calendar.

Rearrange the Furniture

A fun and challenging home improvement goal is to rearrange the furniture in your home. Have family members help you with common areas like the kitchen and living room. Try to find new ways to position furniture and create more space. This task gives your home a free makeover. You’ll be surprised at how rearranging pieces of furniture can allow more light and make the spaces feel larger.

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