In nature, mold helps to break down organic materials. However, mold in your household is bothersome, causing irritation, allergy-like symptoms, and property damage. To keep your family healthy and safe, you should identify and address any mold growth. Here are some of the common signs of mold in the home.

Water Stains

Mold thrives where conditions are damp. If you notice water stains or water damage in your home, this can be a sign of mold growth. At the very least, this is an area where conditions are conducive to mold.

You might notice dark stains or streaks on wood surfaces. Bubbles beneath or peeling wallpaper and cracking or blistering paint also point to a moisture problem.

If you find moisture or signs of water damage, call an inspector to help you determine the cause. Burst plumbing pipes, a leaking water heater, or damaged roofing could be the cause.

A Musty Odor is One of the Signs of Mold in the Home

A musty or damp smell can be a sure sign of mold in your house. The unpleasant odor is often described as smelling like rotten wood. Try to locate the source of the odor so you can remedy the mold problem in that area.

Visible Mold Spots

If areas of mold are visible, you can be certain your home’s environment is supporting its growth. Visible growth is an obvious sign, but mold spots often go unnoticed because they look like dust or dirt. Mold grows in almost any color and it may show up as large spots, streaks, stripes, or small dots.

If you notice mold in your home, call a professional to perform a mold test right away. To remedy the issue, you’ll first want to find the source of the moisture. Before taking steps to clean the mold, repair any leaks and reduce the humidity and moisture in your home.

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