When it’s time to move on from your current house into your next home, you want to maximize your profits and minimize the amount of time the house sits on the market. Taking time to prepare your house to sell will help ensure a smooth, seamless transaction. Here are our best tips to get your home in great shape before you list it.

Prepare Your House to Sell by Making a Great First Impression

You might not spend much time looking at the outside of your home, but it will be the first thing that any prospective buyer sees. Is your front door free from scratches and dings? Does your mailbox have dirt or mildew on it?

As you prepare your house to sell, take a walk around your yard to find improvements you can make. Some of the most affordable ways to boost curb appeal include:

  • Adding a new welcome mat in front of your door
  • Cleaning the mailbox with a mixture of warm water, dish soap, and distilled vinegar
  • Giving the front door a fresh coat of paint
  • Planting flowers or adding planters with fresh flowers
  • Polishing or replacing the door hardware

Prepare Warranties for Major Appliances

If you are leaving some appliances behind in your move and they are still under warranty, you should make sure you have the paperwork together. It can be easy to lose things in the hustle and bustle of moving, so take time to gather paperwork as you prepare your house.

It’s also a good idea to have your warranties available in case buyers are interested in how much protection they will have.

Schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection When You Prepare Your House to Sell

Most homeowners have not had their house inspected since before they moved into it, which means that many homes around the country have not been inspected for a decade or more.

Buyers want peace of mind that they know about any defects and issues with the home ahead of time. Having a pre-listing inspection completed will give you time to make repairs in advance. As you prepare your house to sell, you can use the report from the inspector as your guide.

A major issue in your home could be a deal-breaker for some buyers, and you might be responsible for footing the repair bill for contractors that they choose within a strict timeline.

When you are the one getting a pre-listing inspection and organizing repairs, you will have full control over each step of the process and how much you are spending. You may even choose not to repair some items, and instead, reduce the list price to allow for future repairs based on the condition of the home.

Make Your Home a Blank Slate

Your home has been customized by your family over the years, but as you prepare your house to sell, you need to neutralize it as much as possible. Potential buyers viewing the property want to be able to picture themselves living there, not be distracted by a bold statement wall or pictures of your family.

Remove things like family photos, trophies, collectibles, toys, and any books or artwork that could be polarizing. Buyers will appreciate being able to focus on your living space and not your possessions.

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