‏Being a homeowner is an exciting milestone in life. A hefty repair bill, however, can turn your dream home into a money pit. After moving in and getting settled, routine maintenance becomes one of your responsibilities. It’s important to stay on top of maintenance to help catch and prevent early symptoms of structural problems in your home. Below are a few easy DIY fixes to keep your property in good shape. ‏

‏Preventing Structural Problems in Your Home‏

‏Washing Machine Hoses

Check the hoses on your washing machine for bubbling or loss of firmness, which is a sign that a hose is weakening and could burst. If the hose fails, it could cause flooding and water damage, leading to structural problems in your home. Replacing the hoses on your washing machine when they begin to show wear will prevent this from happening. ‏

‏Pests Can Cause Structural Problems in Your Home

If you notice shredded paper in the corner of a room and find mice droppings, you have rodents in your home. A female mouse can give birth to as many as 10 litters each year. This quickly becomes a problem when not handled promptly. Rodents can chew through electrical wiring and destroy building materials. There are humane traps that will catch rats and mice to keep your home rodent-free. ‏

Also, termites can cause severe damage to the structure of your home. Check the foundation for mud tubes, which are signs of termites. If you notice tiny holes in wooden components, a pile of discarded wings, or hollow wood in your home, reach out to a professional. He or she can recommend solutions to rid your home of termites.

‏Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets

If you have slow drains throughout your home, this could be an indication of a problem with the plumbing. Toilet issues may occur due to a buildup of minerals in and around pipes or from tank hardware getting rusty and corroding over time. Taking care of these issues will help to prevent costly repairs and structural problems caused by water damage.

Signs of Structural Problems in a Home

‏Windows and Doors

Go through your home and check that all doors and windows are in good working order. Look for signs of structural problems in your home by making sure doors open and close easily, lock securely, and that frames are in good condition. Make note of any doors or windows that aren’t working as they should and call a professional to assess the problem and make repairs.

Walls and Ceilings May Show Signs of Structural Problems

Take a walk through your home and look for bubbling or peeling paint and/or wallpaper. These issues usually occur due to moisture and can indicate a more serious problem such as a burst pipe or water damage. Check the ceilings for dark spots that could be a sign of water leaking through your attic from the roof.

‏Homeownership and routine maintenance go hand in hand. Investing a little time and effort not only keeps your home looking great but also helps to prevent future issues and maintain the value of your property.

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