Getting a home inspection on new construction is important for several reasons. There are mistakes or problems that take place during the build, so a home inspection can save you both time and money. The home inspector will give the buyer a complete evaluation of the property before the purchase is final.

Find Problems with the Build

Home inspections on new construction are important because a professional will examine the property and point out problems that need to be addressed. An inspector will look at the home’s structure, wiring, appliances, HVAC system, etc. Electrical problems can be fire hazards and must be repaired before the move-in date. An inspector might discover grading and drainage issues that could lead to basement flooding and mold growth.

An Inspection on New Construction will Note Cosmetic Issues

Your home inspector will find cosmetic defects and include these items in the report. If hardwood floors are scratched or the tile in the bathroom is chipped or broken, it will be noted. Some issues may be small, like missing outlet covers or paint that dripped on the flooring. Other times these are larger concerns like a poorly painted room or bad installation of the tile floor.

Schedule Repairs Before Move-In

A home inspection on new construction will document any problems so your builder can make repairs before you move in. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with contractors and construction projects in your home while you’re living there. Have repairs scheduled promptly so there’s no delay on the closing date.

Inspect Throughout the Building Process

Some home inspectors offer phase inspections that will check the construction during different phases of the process. A pre-concrete, or pre-pour inspection and a pre-drywall inspection are two examples of these. Inspectors evaluate the building process to make sure that best practices were used throughout the duration of the build.

Be Confident in Your Purchase with an Inspection on New Construction

New homes are the biggest purchases that most people ever make. It is important for a buyer to be confident in this investment. This is another reason that inspections should be a part of the process. They help buyers to get the most for their money and ensure that a home is well-built and ready for new residents.

Purchasing a newly constructed home is an exciting time for your family. Ordering a home inspection on new construction allows you to move in without worrying about problems or dealing with repairs.

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