High humidity is uncomfortable and the moisture can cause damage to property, mold growth, and contribute to slippery surfaces indoors. Make effort to reduce excess moisture in the air. Take these 4 steps to lower the humidity in your home.

Open the Windows to Lower Humidity in Your Home

If your home tends to be humid, reduce moisture in the air by opening the windows when the weather is nice. A breeze promotes good airflow throughout your home and helps moisture evaporate. The air indoors will be fresh and you will enjoy lower humidity.

When the weather outside is humid, it may be best to wait until evening to open the windows. Use a window fan to circulate cooler night air in your living spaces.

Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a quick and easy way to lower the humidity indoors. These appliances pull moisture from the air and collect it in a reservoir. Many have an alarm to let you know when to empty the water collection container. Set your dehumidifier to reduce humidity to 50% or less to discourage mold growth. When shopping for an appliance, read about the square footage of the space the dehumidifier will treat. If high humidity is a problem throughout your home, you’ll need more than one machine.

Promptly Dry Wet Clothing

Damp towels or clothing contribute to high humidity as the moisture evaporates from them. Toss wet towels in the clothes dryer or hang them outdoors to dry. If the weather is nice, hang your damp laundry on the clothesline outside. You’ll save money on the power bill and the clothes will smell clean and fresh. Get your family members on board to prevent piles of damp clothing, towels, and swimwear on the floor.

Lower Humidity by Turning on Ventilation Fans in Your Home

Ventilation fans in the bathrooms and kitchen help to move humid air out of your home. When showering, turn the fan on and leave it running for 15 to 20 minutes after your shower. If you’re cooking on the stove, use the fan. It will pull moisture and cooking odors out of the kitchen. Encourage family members to use the fans to keep moisture in your home under control.

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